Professionals & practitioners 

- guiding implementation of the Convention

As a professional or practitioner engaged in or by implementation of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, you contribute into and benefit from a constantly evolving body of knowledge and community of practice. 

While contributing from a specific domain, you are not alone feeling faced by the increasing complexities challenging going and institutionalized practice. 

While Covid-19 abruptly has changed the way we are used to engage, anticipated future developments is calling for deliberate efforts enhancing adaptive and transformative capacity. This capacity is not built in isolation, but as a collective effort. 

World Heritage Catalysis seeks to support professionals and practitioners connect, collaborate and co-create practices responsive to emerging needs and opportunities. 

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Professionals & practitioners

A collaborative community of practice

HTG 3 - Develop effective governance

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  • Personal profile in the member directory
  • Access to collaboration spaces and discussion forum

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  • 20% discount on resources in Hub Store
  • Your own library of resources
  • Access to regularly hosted live discussions
  • Crowdsourcing function

WHETS (in development)

  • Personal WHETS account
  • Access to WHETS marketplace
  • The ability to post needs and wants
  • The opportunity to use ₩ (time credits) towards resources availed through WHETS marketplace and Hub Store
  • Record of hours contributed towards community
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This plan will only be available upon a peer reviewed application

Income generating opportunities:

  • Personal landing page with online appointment scheduler 
  • The possibility to create, co-create and offer online resources (training, courses, webinars etc.) and avail them through Hub Store
  • Opportunity to meet and engage with people outside your current network to explore and co-create what a commons oriented approach to World Heritage could look like

* The plan will be negotiated upon the type and number of products, services and resources availed through Hub Store

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