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Cultural and natural heritage sites recognised through the UNESCO World Heritage Convention pay tribute to thriving societies and ecosystems. Over time many of these sites has become loved and popular visitor destinations. As such tourism has become an important pillar in the economic sustainability of countries and communities hosting World Heritage.

Recent and increasingly regular disruptions are changing the circumstances and prospects, not only for the tourism sector, but moreover for tourism dependent communities and stakeholders. With Covid-19 problems with 'over-tourism' has been overtaken by the concern for economic recession and even collapse in local tourism economies. While some aspire to rebuild tourism in a more responsible and sustainable way, others are seeking transformative change towards more resilient and possibly regenerative local economies. 

Embodying the wonders of nature and creativeness of humankind, World Heritage - heritage of Outstanding Universal Value - are the perfect commons around which communities can gather and co-create transformative change in a glocal context. This will require integrated and innovative management approaches, participatory governance an on-going cooperation and capacity development.

World Heritage Catalysis facilitates a commons oriented peer-production platform inviting all World Heritage stakeholders to engage in skills and knowledge sharing enhancing adaptive and transformative capacity. Become a collaborative change agent - a catalyst - for positive change.

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Towards a collaborative community of practice

WHETS - the World Heritage Exchange Trading System - is being developed as an innovative mechanism (global timebank and time based credit) enabling inclusive collaborative exchanges and co-production among all World Heritage stakeholders. 

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